SoFriCo LS Tee | Running... $35.95
Our first Christmas tee has arrived! Southern Fried Cotton's crimson tee with the proverbial red truck with the Haul of Christmas Trees, The Crimson Comfort Colors Long Sleeve Tee is a constant in comfort and softness. Known for its quality and use of American cotton and thread, what's not to love? The front pocket area has a logo and the words "Merry Christmas!" run atop the truck on the back of the shirt. Limited supply!
SoFriCo LS Tee | Life Un... $35.95
Cool Forest Graphic with a mountain in the background and the Moon peeking out with stars all over! All on a long-sleeved denim ring-spun tee by Comfort Colors. The words "Life is better under the stars."  100% American cotton Pre-shrunk American made thread Left chest logo    
SoFriCo LS Tee | Wild Ho... $35.95
An instant classic tee. This framed Black and White photo of 2 horses in a pasture almost looks etched. The photo featured on a pepper ringspun cotton Comfort Colors Tee. The amazing thing about these tees is their true comfort and softness that come with each wash.    
Glacier Tie Dye LS Tee |... from $25.99
A Glacier Tie-Dye tee has a cool arc-shaped tie-dye ribbon navy and white with a colorful balloon text on the back: Pray BigWorry SmallTrust GodLive HappyHave Faith 100% Cotton Tee with Simply Southern Written down the edge of the right arm.  
Buttercup LS Tee | Simpl... from $23.99
Keep Your Chin Up Buttercup, a horse-filled tee on a Reef-colored long sleeve tee from Simply Southern. A classic top seller when Buttercup is involved. 100% Cotton Tee with Simply Southern Written down the edge of the right arm.  
Pumpkin Spice Checklist ... from $23.99
 Just how many of the Pumpkin Spice Checklist do you accomplish every year? Simply Southern has you covered in an adorable army colored long sleeve tee with all the items you MUST do! Hayrides, s'mores, lattes and more. 100% Cotton Tee with Simply Southern Written down the edge of the right arm.  
Cowgirl Boots LS Tee | S... from $23.99
 Kick the dust up with these cute cowgirl boots on a suede colored long sleeve tee from Simply Southern. 100% Cotton Tee with Simply Southern Written down the edge of the right arm.  
Simply Southern Tee | Li... $26.00
Kayak down any stream, hike up any trail but What better message is there to live by than to “Live Simple”? Follow this happy pup down any river and fish in any stream with the best-selling t-shirt available. This Comfort Colors tee in granite will soften with each washing and wearing. paddle away! 100% ringspun cotton. Will not shrink thp
Simply Southern Tee | Ha... $26.00
Having a Good TimeCan’t you feel the wind blowing in your face? Our favorite Labrador pup on a jet ski have a high old time riding the back of this ever comfortable and ever softening Terracotta colored Comfort Colors Tee. They last for years and the quality is outstanding! perfect gift for yourself or another and be careful or your best bud will snatch it at the lake! 100% rungspun cotton will not shrink. 
What Would Dolly Do Tee $24.00
What would Dolly do? A great and fun tee on a seafoam Comfort Colors cotton tee that is rungspun. Unisex sizing.  r1a1
Down By the River Tee | ... $25.99
Down by the River Tee sports a few cute yellow labs tubing on the river. Design is on the back of the tee and the front sports a pocket with the SoFriCo logo. Comfort Colors Tee 100% rung spun cotton Made with 100% ring-spun cotton. R1A1
House That Built Me Tee ... $25.99 $25.95
House that Built Me Tee A fresh print on the back of the shirt with a front pocket logo of SoFriCo on the Comfort Colors Tee 100% rung spun cotton Made with 100% ring-spun cotton. r1a1
Dogs Are My Favorite Peo... $14.99
"Dogs Are My Favorite People" Tee. Precious paw print with saying. Share with your favorite four-legged friend lover! ash gray tee 100% rung spun cotton r1a1
XOXO Tee $14.99
XOXO love always God.  A lovely message no matter the day or month. dark mauve tee 100% rung spun cotton r1a1
Live In the Summer Tee |... $25.99
Saltwater blue on a comfort wash tee with the classic pup in jeep with a hot orange sun boasting "Live in the Summer" This tee has no pocket with the M G Palmer logo on it. This is a Comfort Wash shirt and is in the color saltwater. Made with 100% ring-spun cotton. r1a1
Not Today Satan, Not Tod... $18.99
"Not Today Satan, Not Today"  All natural tee shirt in natural. Pre-shrunk Tee A bold statement and a great shirt. r1a1
Born There Tee | Virginia from $24.99
"You can't understand it. You would have to be born there." William Faulkner Loving on this Bahama blue tee and the whimsical graphic and message with our fair commonwealth! Soooo soft r2a1
Sold out
Beth Dutton State of Min... $16.00
Beth Dutton State of Mind straight from the Ranch from Yellowstone.  White on Black Fun little graphic tee from your favorite show!
Sold out
Dutton Ranch Tee $14.99
Dutton Ranch Yellowstone Tee in Gold.  Grab and go easy wear tee for your favorite television show! Gold on Ash thp
Grow Freely SS Tee | Sim... from $17.99 $16.99
We love the new short sleeved heathered coral tee from Simply Southern!  "Grow Freely, Bloom Wildly" with wonderful flowers on a heathered coral tee. Perfect for spring and beyond! r1a1  
Virginia State SS Tee | ... from $17.99
We love the new short sleeved Virginia State Tee! On a wonderfully cool ice blue shirt with all our favorite Virginia details! Notice the cardinal, dogwood, canoe, hikers, BBQ and more! Offered on an Ice Blue colored tee! r1a1    
Patrick County Free Stat... $24.00
Our very own tee celebrating the richness of our County! The Homeplace logo is on the pocket area and the adored Free State logo complete with mispronunciations of all our local haunts   The perfect gift for a grad, a newcomer or one moving away, or just because you love Patrick! A classic olive which blends in to our every activity. Goes well with our other local products: bottle stopper, mug, and more.  r2e2
BOO! Long Sleeve Tee by ... $11.50 $22.99
Classic Halloween Boo tee from Simply Southern is updated and fun now at Mattie B’s! Hey Boo! Lifts the darkness of a “boo” in to levity and light! We love it and you will too!! Dark Heather Gray
Lip Smack Tee | Southern... $15.00 $25.95
The Lip Smack Tee by Southern Fried Cotton has a dog trying to get a taste of a margarita. This shirt is perfect for anyone who loves dogs or margaritas.  This tee has a front left pocket with the Southern Fried Cotton logo on it, as well as the Southern Fried Cotton logo on the back of the shirt. This is a Comfort Color shirt and is in the color ice blue. Made with 100% ring-spun cotton.
Herd It All LS Tee | Sim... $10.00 $22.99
Haven't you "Herd it all"? Cuteness abounds with this little bow-wearing bovine! On a moss colored long sleeve tee.
BOO! Long Sleeve Tee | S... $22.99
"Ohhh Hey Boo" on a Tiger Orange spice tee with two jack-o-lanterns from Simply Southern. We love it and you will too!! Tiger
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