Tony’s Chocolonely Big C... from $5.95
Made in Belgium and Slave Trade Free Chocolate with a cause! A great choice for taste and conscience. A few years ago I was visiting my soon to be daughter-in-law’s family. As I was preparing to leave for the airport her mom gave me a small Easter basket. In it was a Tony’s Chocolonely bar. The packaging and font through me off. Seemed a little ridiculous. But as the commute was several hours I munched on the bar. The first bite took me back. So tasty. I kept the wrapper, placing in my book for later in hopes of purchasing for Mattie B’s. Well it is January and I started cleaning out and throwing away things and - bam - there it was! Do hope you enjoy this chocolate with a mission. A mission for fair trade and free people. _________ Alas it is not peanut free ****We cannot Insure the condition of the product when shipped. We have no control over the conditions of travel or climate. ****
Poppy Hand-Popped Popcorn from $4.99
The best snack ever! Poppy Hand-Popped Popcorn has a range of delicious flavors to choose from. One of our favorites is Salted Caramel. Poppy Hand-Popped Popcorn is gluten and dairy free (unless noted). Grab your size! from Snack-size to Market Bag (with a self-sealing closure) to the new holiday cylinder perfect for gift giving and den sitting! Poppy is Popped in Asheville NC so it is practically local! We will and can mail the cylinder with arrangements. Choose from Salted Caramel: Handmade in small batches with real butter you can taste, a touch of Celtic Sea Salt®, and yummy molasses goodness Monster Mix: The favorite Salted Caramel popcorn but add some drizzled French Broad craft dark chocolate. Topped with all-natural Halloween sprinkles.     
Drink Holder | Simply So... $7.99
Great little add on gift and a great little drink holder with just the personality of the recipient! Choose from Simply Southern's best prints.
Silicon Sippy Cup | Bell... $18.99
We are in love with these multi-age, multi-stage silicon Sippy cups and you will too! Seals tight, cute as can be. The two-fisted handle is removable, fully dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and unbreakable. Bella Tunno has produced a sippy cup made completely from kitchen grade silicone. The design is amazingly simple and includes 3-pieces: cup, sippy top, two-fisted handle. Cup is  unbreakable, leak-resistant, and mold-resistant.  8 oz
Farm Life Tea Towels $8.50
Watercolor art farm animals on flour sack towels with humorous sayings will make perfect gifts and additions to your kitchen. The hen gets our vote!
Raven's Nest Mulling Spices $5.00
The most award-winning mulling spices since 1990, and certainly the top seller at Mattie B's for many years. These mulling spices are an aromatic blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and lemon. Not only is it superb for creating hot spiced cider, seasonal cocktails, or mulled wine; it is wonderful in so many baking recipes. The versatility of Raven's Nest Mulling Spices is the secret ingredient and a staple of the modern, southern pantry! The spices are all-natural, gluten-free, and preservative-free. Combine with the pumpkin butter in the chocolate chip pumpkin muffins.
Jalapeño Jelly $10.99
Our best selling jelly! YEAR ROUND! Try the raspberry over cream cheese, on a chicken or turkey sandwich and even more. Enjoy the blackberry on your hamburger, your tacos and more! Amazing!
Flour Sack Tea Towels $14.00
Flour Sack Tea Towels Wonderful and wonderfully funny tea towels  select from these many and enjoy a great addition to most any gift or home.  large square flour sack cotton 30” square
Favorite Hymns Tea Towels $18.00
Bring your favorite hymns in to the kitchen or tearoom on use as napkins. Best gift category. The cotton towel will grab whatever you are cleaning from wiping a mouth to drying a dish and the hymn on the towel may just take you to a place of singing :) Generously sized at 28" x 28" and the print area is 17" x 21" it is 100% flour sack cotton and has great absorbency. Each Towel is beautifully folded and wrapped with a matching band for gift giving. Towel is machine washable and screen printed in the USA
Honey Straws $5.50
Pack of 12   r4d4  
Hot Peach All Natural Jam $10.49
Our newest jam is a hot peach! Think mmmmmm oooo-eeee good. Andy Griffith good! It may even become your most favorite yet! From Raven's Nest it is a superior take on a jam. As with their other jams and jellies, it is wonderful over cream cheese but we suggest putting it on the charcuterie plate with all your meats and cheeses.  made in Fort Mill, SC, it includes: sugar, peaches, red bell pepper, lemon juice, and habanero peppers. 20 oz jar  
Sold out
Patrick County Tea Towels $14.50
Patrick County Tea Towels are great gift for any occasion and we have personalized these wonderful flour sack towels for you with “Patrick County”! ”The woods are my Happy Place” with trees and woods graphic “There’s no Wi-Fi in the mountains but you’ll get a better connection” …. A mountain graphic however truer words have rarely been spoken! select one or both you cannot go wrong😊
Wet-it! | Skrubba $3.50
First shared by a Canadian customer, we are so pleased to bring the Skrubba! What is Skrubba? It is a scouring cloth, abrasive but scratch-free. Skrubba is made of 94% cotton, 2% polyester and 4% eco-friendly, non-toxic coating. Use it to: Clean up grime; scrub vegetables such as potatoes or carrots; clean paint brushes and your hands; clean bug, tar and other dirt off of cars and wheels. Possibilities are endless. Patterns are random.
Sassy Girl Tea Towels $11.50
The sassiest tea towels ever have the mark of the Sassy Girl with all her lip in some fairly funny and flippant expressions sure to please your friends and family. Cotton Flour Sack and screened in New Orleans.  
Patrick County Homeplace... $15.00
Your favorite county and its favorite haunts. The Patrick County Homeplace Mug is a great memento of the area and in general just a great drinking mug. Mint great ceramic with white graphics of the county we all love. Rimmed in black.The front supports the outline with “Homeplace” written and the back has an outline of Patrick County with some of its familiar towns and local pronunciations of the towns. An easy tutorial for any newcomer and a great laugh for all who hail from these parts! A great gift for new arrivals, those moving away, grads, and in general anyone who drinks water! r2e2
Sold out
Meyer Lemon Curd | Just ... $8.50
If you are a lemon lover... and we are! Lemon Curd makes all things happy. We love it on scones, on a spoon, with a biscuit, and in a tart. Also good with your favorite yogurt, in lemon bars, or just spoon some over berries.  mmm, mmmm. Try the scone mix! Just Jan’s Meyer lemon curd has just the right tart and tangy mixed with sugar sweetness. 10 oz. Ingredients: Sugar, eggs, butter, Meyer Lemon Juice, peel, and pulp boudoir
Kitchen Towel with Chris... $12.00
Painted towels with the cutest of man's friend.  These tea towels are wonderful gifts for those dog lovers we all know, and they will adorn the kitchen and create all sorts of conversation this Christmas. Cotton flour sack towel with hand painted decoration. Machine washable, cool water. Cute and sassy.  
Cloister Honey $8.50
It’s back at Mattie B’s and it is Fresh off the comb! Select from flavors below! All from Charlotte, NC mmmmm it is the best! try our swizzle suckers and straws. We also have honey on the comb!
Henry's Fresh Roast Coffee $17.00
LOCAL & LOVED! Many of Henry's roasts give back to organizations all over the world, so not only do you get an excellent roast from Costa Rica, Peru, Ethiopia, etc., you get the privilege of extending care to women, jaguars and more! 16 oz of whole bean coffee... 4 oz of great coffee MORE than the grocery store!
Sold out
SWIG | Cocktail Club from $22.00 $29.95
SWIG | Cocktail Club Hi-Ball, Mule, Stemless Wine From cocktails to pop, the NEW Cocktail Club hammered copper is ideal for keeping drinks hot or cold to the very last drop. Thanks to our triple insulation technology, this tumbler keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot up to 3 hours. Tumbler: The cup holder friendly, tapered shape makes it perfect for festivities or at home. Mule: Measures 5” H x 4.5” W (lid included); base 2.5” in diameter; 0.6 lb when empty Stemless Wine: Measures 4.5” H x 3.25” W (lid included); base 2.25” in diameter; 0.4 lb when empty The copper-effect finish is handwash only. Keeps drinks cold up to 12 hours and hot up to 3 hours Holds up to 22oz Fits most standard cup holders Not recommended for the dishwasher Slip-free, scratch-free and noise-free silicone base Includes BPA-free lid with removable slider for cleaning Triple insulation technology: double-walled, vacuum-sealed and copper-plated Condensation free and non-breakable Constructed of 5mm 304-18/8 stainless steel Straws sold separately Measures 7” H x 3.5” W (lid included); base 2.75” in diameter; 0.8 lb when empty
Swig - Sugar Trees from $9.50
Whimsical trees, gifts, and snowflakes, all appear on a blush pink background and make sipping extra easy. The best-selling Travel Mug of 18oz features a classic shape that is friendly to travel in your car. A happy travel companion for all your changing daily activity. Dishwasher safe and don't forget to add our matching straws. A pack of 4 glitter straws and 2 aqua straws with a wire cleaner.
Autumn Themed Flour Sack... $8.50
Festive Fall Flour Sack Towels of Autumn Theme are beautiful gifts for hostesses and for your own home.  Turkey: There is Always Something to be Grateful for Truck: I love Fall Pumpkin Tower:  Give Thanks Wheelbarrow: Autumn is Calling bsr-3a  
Sold out
MOTIF: Mints in Decorati... $3.50
Decorative tin of mints. Perfect little gift and easy fit in your handbag! Reusable tin. has many uses.   cr-l-1
Toffee I Shouldn't $9.99
YUM! It is Toffee Vanilla with your choice of Dark Chocolate Pecan Dust, or Milk Chocolate Pecan Dust. This toffee is made in small batches from a Reich family recipe. Enjoy crunchy, chocolate-covered toffee these to die for morsels made with simple ingredients, real butter, and sugar and coated with the finest chocolate. Choose Dark or Milk Chocolate   4oz/113g  
Whimsical Neoprene Coast... $4.95
Whimsical Neoprene Coasters | Yes I am Stressed "Why yes, I'm a bit stressed. Why do you ask?" This coaster will be a conversation piece when guests visit your home. Made with a neoprene type material, these coasters are lightweight and practical. With a cute whimsical phrase and picture, this coaster will spark great conversation between you and your guests.
SWIG | Lazy Daisy Tumbler from $9.50
SWIG | Lazy Daisy Tumbler Keeps drinks cold up to 12 hours and hot up to 3 hours Holds up to 32oz full quart  Fits most standard cup holders Dishwasher safe, top rack only Slip-free, scratch-free and noise-free silicone base Includes BPA-free lid with removable slider for cleaning Triple insulation technology: double-walled, vacuum-sealed and copper-plated Condensation free and non-breakable Constructed of 5mm 304-18/8 stainless steel Straws sold separately Tumbler Measures 10" H x 4" W (lid included); base 3" in diameter; 1.0 lb when empty Straws Pack of: 4 printed straws, 2 solid color straws, and 1 straw cleaning brush BPA free Fits our tumblers (20oz, 22oz, and 32oz Tumblers) Length: 10.5" Straws are Not recommended for hot liquids
Coffee Scoop & Clip $7.50
Super practical in every way! Stainless steel coffee scoop with a clip for the coffee bag and closure is the perfect remedy for keeping your coffee in the bag! And guess what? We sell Henry's Fresh Roast!  
Whimsical Neoprene Coast... $4.95
Whimsical Neoprene Coasters | The Older I Get "The Older I Get the More Everyone Can Kiss My Ass" This coaster will be a conversation piece when guests visit your home. Made with a neoprene type material, these coasters are lightweight and practical. With a cute whimsical phrase and picture, this coaster will spark great laugh & conversation between you and your guests.
Sold out
SWIG | Happy Camper $39.99
SWIG | Happy Camper who else is a happy camper??! We love this whimsical pattern of tents and campers on an olive background ready to rock and roll in spirit or in truth and we have your mega pint sizes! Keeps drinks cold up to 12 hours and hot up to 3 hours Holds up to 22oz Fits most standard cup holders Dishwasher safe, top rack only Slip-free, scratch-free and noise-free silicone base Includes BPA-free lid with removable slider for cleaning Triple insulation technology: double-walled, vacuum-sealed and copper-plated Condensation free and non-breakable Constructed of 5mm 304-18/8 stainless steel Straws sold separately Mug Measures 7" H x 4.5" W (lid included) base 2.75" in diameter; 0.8 lb when empty Tumbler Measures 10" H x 4" W (lid included); base 3" in diameter; 1.0 lb when empty
Sold out
Scentiments Candles $25.00
Tests are frequent and even more frequent now! Choose to be a warrior not a worrier!! Keep the faith that it will all work out the way it should. We Faithfully remain with this candle it’s spicy earth and wood fragrances make sure of it.-Scent Faith over Fear: Earthy Spices, Sandalwood & Vanilla -Scent Fruit Loops: Fruit Loop -Scent It Is What It Is:  -Candles are hand poured and crafted in small batches and comes in a cylindrical box perfect for protection and gifting.Each candle is completely hand crafted using only the highest quality ingredients. Pure fragrance oils, cotton braided wicks and 100% pure soy wax.-Clean burning premium soy wax candle-Infused with premium Paraben & Phthalate free fragrances-Braided lead and zinc free Eco-Wick-Packaged in a kraft tube cylinder for careful travel. Burning Instructions: Trim wick to 1/4 inch before lighting. Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings. Only burn candle on a level, fire resistant surface. Do not burn candle for more than 4 hours at at time.
Honey Stirrer Lolli-Pop $3.00
A honey of a sucker just perfect for enjoying or swirling in your tea for the perfect sweetness
Patrick County Bottle St... $5.00
Celebrate Patrick in the best of ways with our own bottle stopper featuring our “Homeplace” logo it comes with its own velveteen sack for a nice gifting or hanging over the neck of a bottle of wine. Stopper is a perfect addition to any gift.  Goes well with our other local products: mug, tee, decal, and more. 
Sold out
Stainless Steel Tea Steeper $10.00
Stainless Steel Steeper perfect for steeping loose leaf teas with spices and fruits. We love that it levels your tea serving and automatically measures for the cup.
El Arroyo Tea Towel | 90... $14.00
Toss out your dirty old rags, and grab an El Arroyo tea towel bound to make you smile.  25” x 25” 100% cotton towel, very soft to the touch Machine washable makes it easy for cleanup Hanging loop allowing you to hang for display in your kitchen Soft white color that will look good in any kitchen
Sold out
Range & Stovetop Cloth |... $7.99 $7.99
The E-Cloth Range & Stovetop Cloth traps and removes grease, grime, stubborn spills, and over 99% of bacteria from stovetops, range hoods, ovens, microwaves, and more — all with precision-engineered microfibers and water’s cleaning power. Because like us, you may not want additional cleaners in your food — or anywhere near it. Use the textured, striped side to grab stuck-on food and stubborn grease without scratching. Reverse for milder messes. Rinse between chores. Toss in the laundry to refresh. Because unlike single-use wipes and paper towels, the E-Cloth Range & Stovetop Cloth is guaranteed for 3 years or 300 washes. Range & Stovetop Cloth: 12.5in x 12.5in
Knapp Made - CM Scrubber 4" $19.99
The Original - In the summer of 2011, Knapp Made Products introduced the CM Scrubber to American kitchens. It remains the No 1 selling chainmail scrubber in the world. The World's No.1 Selling Scrubber - Cast Iron Cookware, Dutch Ovens, Casseroles, Stainless Steel Cookware, Woks, and more. With Superior Quality. Lifetime Warranty. Quality First - The CM Scrubber is hand-made of the highest grade food service stainless steel. Each ring is solid and strong, formed with 15 gauge, 316-grade surgical quality stainless steel. Lifetime Warranty - Knapp Made Products will repair or replace your CM Scrubber at any time for any reason. The Patented CM Scrubber™ - Recommended by Cooks Illustrated Magazine. Featured on America’s Test Kitchens.
Home-Pourri $11.99
Don’t mask it! Home~Pourri™ refreshes any smelly room in your home in air or on fabric. Proprietary natural Funk Lock™ Technology neutralizes odor molecules so they never reach your nose. Super technological  Funk~Pourri™ eliminates odor entirely and leaves your home smelling better than you found it. Simply spritz 3-5 sprays on any smelly surface** or into the air. From the makers of Poo~Pourri so you know it works!
Tea Towel | Decorative $7.50
100% Cotton 15" x 27"
Hot Stuff Extendable Roa... $5.99 $5.99
Nothing is better than sitting around the fire with family and friends while roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. The Hot Stuff Extendable Roasting Tool makes is fun, easy, and safe for kids!  This roasting tool is collapsible and can extend up to 24" long. 
El Arroyo Paper Party Cups $8.50
Christmas Office Parties Home Parties Family Parties and more! pack of 12 cups with favorite El Arroyo signs.  Commas are important: No More Tequila. No, More Tequila   Hear me out: Advil Holiday Strength!
Mud Pie Appliqué Holiday... $12.50
Adorable Embroidered with applique tea towels with festive pups. Choose from 3 patterns or take the set. Cotton flour sack towels rick-rack hem and fun little sayings perfect for those dog loving friends in your life. "Here comes Santa Paws" "Barking Spirits Bright" "We Woof You a Merry Christmas"  
Swig Life Accessories $6.50
Need a replacement top for your Swig mug, tumbler, or cooler? Here you go! Choose from two different sizes of "slider lid". Clear Small or Skinny Can Cooler Lid Clear Medium Lid Dishwasher Safe BPA Free Shatter resistant Push-seal, silicone gasket Straw friendly
Cork Display Box $6.00
Mud Pie has created a simple and meaningful way to remember your special day or wine. The Perfect memento of a spectacular evening or event. Select your trim of this small glass box trimmed in gold silver. Perfect size for a cork with a memory strip to write date, place, and occasion. 
Gold Chambray Knot Towel... $12.00
Golden Chambray with white French knot designs add a classy festive look to your holiday decor this year.  Cotton chambray and cotton French knots. Beautiful hostess gift and wonderful addition to the guest bath.  
Sold out
Woodford Reserve Bourbon... $19.50
Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries by Bourbon Barrel Muddle, garnish and top your favorite cocktail with Woodford Reserve® Bourbon Cherries. Woodford Reserve® Cherries are rich with a hint of Woodford Reserve® Bourbon. Enjoy a classic Manhattan Cocktail or an Old Fashioned Cocktail with these delicious cherries! Refrigerate after opening...may find pits. 13.5 oz Combine with our Rocks Glass for an even more fun gift!
Patrick County Christmas... $14.50
Precious little pup in a red truck filled with gifts and a tree. The tailgate says “Jingle all the way to Patrick County”. large square flour sack cotton 30” square
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