The Bee-Attitudes from A-Z

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Covenant Retreat is a special place in the gorgeous mountains of Virginia. There is a very large old Plantation home in the middle of the retreat that has a wonderful balcony overlooking the entire property. A babbling river runs right through the middle of the land and empties into a sparkling pond. Rolling hills of flowers and open fields of hay are all surrounded by a forest of trees. Bentley Bennigan the beekeeper, lives in the big house and sits on his balcony watching over all his treasured creatures. Three red barns are placed around the retreat and the largest one sits on top of the highest hill with a special beehive of honey bees. There are twenty-six bees in this hive that were chosen by the beekeeper because of their great attitudes. Each bee has been given a name by the beekeeper to match his or her special attitude. The bees all work together to help each other and their friends out. These bees are very busy using their gifts to prosper their hive but also work hard to pollinate their beautiful surroundings. As the bees go through their days, they encounter other creatures who struggle with certain issues so they try to help them learn a better way to do things.

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