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Sweet Grace Auto Vent

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America's number one selling fragrance can now give your car the VIP treatment. It clips to the air conditioner vent and refreshes the scent of your car! Auto vent also has a dial to control the amount of scent you want in your car. Are we just enjoying it or are we covering french fries from the game the other night? HaHa, Sweet Grace has you covered!

Sweet Grace fragrance will rescue your space where you live, be it car, home or office. Check out our other products with this same popular fragrance.

  • Fragrance oil and packaging Made and Assembled in the U.S.A.!

  • Sweet Grace Fragrance is in the "oriental and spice" fragrance family and is an incredible combination of passion fruit, tea, and patchouli. Often described as a warm and peaceful scent.

    How to use:

  • - When you remove your new Auto Vent Clip from packaging, raise the clip on the back
  • - On the top there is a dial, turn it to the open position
  • - Slide the clip onto one of the slats of your a/c vent
  • - You can adjust the strength of the fragrance with the same dial at the top