Omni 2K by NEBO
Omni 2K by NEBO
Omni 2K by NEBO
Omni 2K by NEBO

Omni 2K by NEBO

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Omni-Directional USB-C | 2000 Lumen
Rechargeable Work Light

The OMNI 2K is an amazing omni-directional work light boasting 2,000 lumen. This work light includes a red hazard light, as well as magnetic handles for a hands-free light source. The OMNI 2K is completely rechargeable and can be used as a power bank to charge UBS powered devices.

6 LIGHT MODES 1.3 hours to 11 hours and reaching 8-770 meters

All it includes!:
• Water and impact-resistant
• Non-slip rubber coating
• Battery charging indicator
• USB-C charging cable included
• Internal rechargeable battery (2 - 8 hours)
• Folded: (H) 4.8” x (W) 6.25” x (D) 1.875”

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