Duke Cannon natural charcoal deodorant
Duke Cannon anti-perspirant and deodorant

Duke Cannon - Trench Warfare Deodorants

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Charcoal has long been known and used for odor control and for health benefits. With the increasing knowledge of the harmful uses of aluminum in our deodorants there is a growing movement now even among men toward aluminum free and alcohol free deodorants. 

At Mattie B's we have always carried clean and natural deodorants.

Your Duke Cannon choices include a deodorant OR an anti perspirant plus deodorant. It meets all your needs!

Duke Cannon's Trench Warfare Natural Charcoal Deodorant  uses activated charcoal to naturally draw out those odor causing toxins and neutralizes them. Trench Warfare has a pleasant fragrance of Bergamot & Black Pepper.

Duke Cannon's Trench Warfare Antiperspirant + Deodorant is formulated with the highest allowable level of odor and wetness protection and combined with the deodorant described before. Built for 12-hour workdays. (Also Bergamot & Black Pepper)

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