Men’s Soap Tactical Scrubber by Duke Cannon

Men’s Soap Tactical Scrubber by Duke Cannon

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Get in on the secret!

Duke Cannon’s Big Ass men’s soaps are just that — Big Ass. Made to last a month’s ration it could easily hurt should it slip from your hand. 
That’s where the tactical scrubber pouch comes in and saves the day. Here is the secret:

  • His soap will last up to 3x longer!
  • The scrubber will create more suds for better scrubbing
  • Since the soap is large and slippery; so the wrist strap keeps it handy (and protects his feet!)
  • Coarse mesh side for hands and feet and softer mesh for less rough areas
  • Proven the winner on removing paint, grease, fish guts and more. 

Be assured he will thank you for this additional aid and he doesn’t even know he needs it. 
Afterall,  he counts on you to anticipate all his needs. There is no point letting him down!