She Radiates Goodness Hydrogel Illuminating Mask by Musee
She Radiates Goodness Hydrogel Illuminating Mask by Musee ingredients and back of package

She Radiates Goodness Mask - Hydrogel

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She Radiates Goodness is the theme of the amazingly refreshing and illuminating face mask. Packed with all the lovely nutrients that will make your skin look and feel hydrated.

Beauty is more than skin deep though...while we all wish to look beautiful outwardly it is best backed from the inside out. Look for dazzling ways to make others look and feel beautiful as well.

We LOVE the idea of a beauty Zoom as well! Gift a few of these to your best gal pals with a link to meet online while you beautify! Pair with a great pair of socks for lounging, a stemless wine or a bar of chocolate.

Best For: Anti-Aging + Hydration Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Charcoal Powder, Centella Asiatica Extract *Glitter does not stay on face, it is inside the hydrogel mask so it will not make your face glittery.


This product is handcrafted and made in Mississippi. It is made by women in recovery, individuals with disabilities and people who have suffered from chronic poverty. Help change the world one bath at a time.

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