Cleerely Stated - Worthy Collection w/Stand


Cleerely Stated - Worthy Collection w/Stand


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Do you know who you are as a daughter of the King?

Knowing our worth and speaking promise over our own lives invites His truth to become real to us. Included are 30 cards—all discussing different attributes of YOU, daughter of the King.

Each card contains 4 parts:

Question: Exploratory question to help you discover the lie you might believe

Declaration: Reminder of who you are and who God is transforming you to be

Anthem: Mantra/sentence prayer to speak life over yourself in this area

Scripture: What God says about this truth for His daughter —

Set includes 32 cards: 1 title card, 1 explainer card and 30 attribute cards, Acrylic Stand for functional easy display —Printed on Thick, Coated Paper

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