Brite Bucket
Brite Bucket

Brite Bucket

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Nebo® Brite Bucket

    • 1.3-gallon capacity
    • Lighted bucket for fishing, camping, or emergency
    • Illuminates contents of the bucket
    • Removable light illuminates work space, trail, or tent
    • Waterproof and impact-resistant
The Nebo Brite Bucket is an innovative, 1.3-gallon lighted bucket for fishing, camping, farming, ATV, emergencies, or even trick-or-treat. This impact-resistant Nebo bait bucket is collapsible for easy transport, and features a 200-lumen C.O.B. puck light in the base to illuminate the bucket's contents. The light is waterproof and magnetic, so it can be removed for use as a flashlight or work light. It can also be positioned on the outside of the bucket, pointing toward the ground to light the way. Collapse the bucket and use the handle as a kickstand to illuminate your work area. The Nebo Brite Bucket also works as a flood light and has 3 light modes: High (200 lumens) lasts for 3 hours and projects 19m; Low (60 lumens) lasts for 6 hours and projects 10m; or SOS (200 lumens) lasts for 8 hours and projects 19m. The Nebo Brite Bucket uses 3 AAA batteries (included).
7-11/16"H, collapsible to 2.25"H. 10.25" dia.

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