I have a great Rep for one of our clothing lines and she always makes me laugh. In fact, she has become a friend. On a recent visit to the store we had a conversation about technology and the lack of cohesion and flexibility with her iPad and ME!  Her response was to not being quick to fix the problem was “I am techno-tarded!”

We laughed quite a bit. 

Well, this online store has been quite handicapped by my insufficient hardware to be able to use the current browsers etc., required by my software subscriptions!

How is that for crazy!

My phone has been my sole provider for Mattie B’s for quite some time and it is just not cutting it!


If you are a customer and you have given us the occasional try, I invite you to not give up on us and rejoice that we should soon have the tools and capability to return to the online world. 

We WANT to be your go to spot and BOY do we have some wonderful products to share!

With gratitude, I am no longer “techno-tarded”!


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