Runway or Runaway?

Last week we debuted this page on the same night as we offered a live fashion show with the girls from the high school flag corps.

It  was so much fun and quite a lot of work, but it was worth it! I loved meeting these beautiful girls and hearing each one of them tell a little bit about themselves.

Most unusual response to the question, "What do you like to do in your spare time?" was the response, "I like to spin yarn and I am learning to weave."!!! Wow! what talented and diverse ladies we have!

Most common variance of an answer was to the question, "What made you want to do flags?" The majority of the girls grew up watching and being fascinated by the flag corps girls on televised football games!

In our crazy technology driven world with instantaneous living and fulfillment, I found real joy and solace in the answers of our girls last week to all of the questions!

They will be heading off to camp before we know it and new costumes will be needed. Join Mattie B's in helping with their funding. You can support them through the

PCHS Athletic Boosters
Attn: Coach Amy Corns
15 Cougar Lane
Stuart, VA 24171

Just notate the Flag Corps and DONATION!

Until next time, keep on coming back to for almost daily additions!

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