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Meeting the Grill Master!

A few years ago I met John Tucker. True Name! ;-D

Tucker, to most folk. He was braising spinach and grilling pork on a 2" slab of Himalayan salt and it was so tender and moist. The spinach was wonderful.

We have used his product in our home and carried it in the store ever since!

I am excited to tell you Tucker is coming to "Little Ol' Stuart" for the Strawberry Festival!

His products arrived today and a new shipment is in with full stock!

Don't Forget we are giving $10 for every shot glass sold to the Patrick County Young Professionals! Their event is May 5 at El Rancho!

To give you a personal testimony: We had about 8 people eating one night and we elected to cook 7 different pieces of meat or vegetable. We grilled a piece on the salt and a piece on the grill. We served them up, each person receiving a bite or two of each. Without exception, the saltrox pieces were deemed the better choice!

What did we try? pork loin, shrimp, water buffalo, steak, spinach, asparagus & chicken breast.

Come out now and get your pieces! Come out Saturday, May 20 and meet the legend. His is the ONLY grilling plate that will not break.

Tucker, CEO & Grillmaster of SaltRox, will be here Saturday, May 20 from 11-3!

My suggestion?

  • Come on by and get your plate now
  • Give it for Mother's Day, that Housewarming gift, Retirement, Graduation, Father's Day, Birthday or even Because Your Are HUNGRY!
  • Take it home, play with it and then...
Come BACK Saturday, May 20 and hang out with Tucker, the head honcho because I tell ya, you are not only going to want to meet him, you are going to want to get even more ideas!

Plate can be used ON the grill or IN the oven!

At our home we cook most things on it:

  • Chicken is the tenderest and oh so moist!!
  • Salmon we won't have ANY other way! (Hint: We use our Cap'n Rodney's Peach Rub on the salmon.)
  • Shrimp is amazing and my brother claims the scallops are the BEST EVER!
  • Pork chops or loin is A-Mazing!
  • Veggies on it! Asparagus! Spinach! Sprouts! Peppers! More! Notice the picture has peaches! 
  • The package claimed you could bake cookies, so I did! Crisp bottom, the cookie rose up nice and big.... did not lose its shape!

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